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Surge Protection Device

Name: Power surge protection

Model: OBV7

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Product Description

OBV7 serie s surge protect ive device (SPD) is suitable for TN-S TN-C-S TT IT etc. power supply system of AC 50/60Hz, 380V, and used at the equipotential connection, which protects the electric network not shocked by the thunder and lightning, it's designed according to GB18802.1 IEC616 43-1 , it ado pts 35 mm s tan dard rail, there is a failure release mounted on the module of surge protective device. When the SPD fails in breakdown for over-heat and over-current, the failure release will help electric device separate from the power system and give the indication signal, green means normal, red means abnormal. Kevin wiring mode , remote-s ignaling output interface. It's also could be replaced for the module when has operating voltage.

Application Scope and Installation Position

OBV7 series surge protective devices are suitable for B grade surge protection, used at the equipotential connecti on of LPZ 0A or LPZ0B an d LPZ1 zone, which protects the electric network not shocked by the thunder. OBV7 series surge protective devices are usually installed in low voltage main distribution box connected to the incoming end of the buildings. *Notice: When you order our goods, please write the model and quantity carefully. For example: OBV7- 100/4P-385, 8 pieces.

Model and Meaning

Main Technical Parameters