Lighting Arrester /
Surge Protection Device

Name: Power surge protection

Model: OBV5-D

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Product Description

OBV5-D20 is the range of devices for discharging induced transient overvoltages (Type 2,3 / Class II,III), in accordance with IEC 61643-11. DIN rail plug-in format. Ability to discharge induced voltage surges (8/20 μs).

Product Features

●Suitable for the (second / third) stage of protection in supply distribution panels.

●Discharge capacity with an 8/20 μs waveform. Imax: 20 kA.

●Exclusive devices for TN earthing systems.

●Exclusive devices which are compatible with Power Line Communication (PLC) networks.

●Available with optional remote signalling.

Model and Meaning

Main Technical Parameters