Miniature Isolator Switch-QA Series

Brand: FR-CBI / FR-MAG

Name: QA Miniature Isolator Switch

Model: QA-(1,2,3)

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• Hydraulic-magnetic technology ensures reduced nuisance tripping with temperature variance
• Always hold 100% rated current
• Wide range of time delays & operating currents
• Current limiting capabilities
• Ultra compact - 13 mm width module
• DIN, Mini-rail or Dual mountable
• Trip indication with MID trip handle position
• Switch disconnector provides circuit isolation
• Reset possible immediately after overload

Technical Data

Type QA-1 QA-2 QA-3
Number of poles 1 2 3
Standard Current Ratings(A) 0.5A-63A 0.5A-63A 0.5A-63A
Rated Voltage AC 240V 240V 415V
Colour of handle Green Green Green
Standrd approval IEC/BS/AS IEC/BS/AS IEC/BS/AS

Overall Dimensions