MCB-Double Power Interlock Circuit Breaker(DZ47 TYPE)

Brand: FR-CBI / FR-MAG

Name: DZ47 Double Power Interlock Circuit Breaker(DZ47 TYPE)

Model: DZ47-63

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DZ47-63 series Double power interlock circuit breaker. The function add a interlocking based on the original DZ47-63 miniature circuit. It means that when one of the pole is opend, then another one must be closed to achieve the function of changing the power, overload protection, shot circuit protection and so on. It's usually used in Manostat.


Double power circuit breaker consist of the shell, operating mechanism, thermal release, electromagnetic release contact system, arc system, etc., With overload and short circuit protection. The design of a unique structure so that products with 6KA short-circuit capability, mechanical life of more than 20000 times. And has the following characteristics: an increase of interlocking function, means, when the side of the circuit breaker is turned on, the other side of the circuit breaker can only be kept off, to achieve line changing and other protection. The pole of product has many combination method like 1P+1P, 2P+2P, 3P+3P, 4P+4P.

Technical Data

Manufacturing StandardsIEC 60898 IEC60947
TropicalizationRelative Humidity°C93% RH at 25°C
Room Temperature°C10°Ca 60°C
Electrical PropertiesRated at 40°CA6/10/16/20/25/32/40/50/63
Rated operating voltage at 40°CVac240/415
Nominal FrequencyHz50/60
Interrupting Capacity at 230 VkA6
Operating temperature°C40
Degree of ProtectionIP20
Number of poles1/2/3/4
Conductor cross section (minimum allowable)mm225
Minimum number of power moves4000
Minimum number of mechanical operations10000
Operation curveB/C/D
Current Trip CurveA5 a 10 In
Characteristic Interventionattach
Type Of AssemblyFOR RIEL DIN 35 mm
FeaturesMAGNETIC COIL: ensures the switching of short-circuit, speaking within the following ranges: 5 to 10 times rated current (Type C), 3 to 5 times rated current ( Type B ), 10 to 20 times rated current ( Type D )
BIMETAL: ensures the breaker trip when overloaded.
ARC CHAMBER: effectively dissipates the electric arc that is generated by the opening contacts of the trigger mechanism in the presence of an overload or short circuit.
Testing For AcceptanceBefore receiving the circuit breakers (breakers), customers may perform the tests may be necessary to ensure compliance with the technical specifications.
 Rated making and breaking capacity
Rated current(A)Pole numberVoltage(V)Breaking capacity
Rated current(A)Pole numberVoltage(V)Breaking capacity

Overall Dimensions