Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker-QF Series

Brand: FR-CBI / FR-MAG

Name: QF Hydraulic MagnetIc Circuit breaker

Model: QF-1/2/3(19),QF-1/2/3(26)

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Technical Data

Number of poles 1P,2P,3P
Operating Voltages 240VAC/415VAC
Minimum Current Rating 0.5A
Maximum Current Rating 63A
Interrupting Capacity 5KA
Operating Temperature Range -40 ℃ to +85 ℃
Time Delay Curves 1,2
Endurance10000 operations - 1500 electrical at rated current and voltage (IEC 60947-2)
Dielectric Strength1480 V (single pole) / 1830 V (multi pole), 50 Hz for one minute after testing
Humidity35 to 85% relative
Pollution DegreePD2 - Normally only non-conductive pollution occurs.
Temporary conductivity caused by condensation is to be expected.
Wire Size(mm²) 0.75-30mm² 1-50mm²
Torque 2.5Nm 4Nm

Overall Dimensions

QF-1/2/3 (19)

QF-1/2/3 (26)